Traval to Wat Phra That Pha Ngao.

The Wat Phra That Pha Ngao.

Name of Wat Phra That Pha Ngao. The name of this measure is derived from the name of the Pha Ngao. Located on top of a large rock. The shadow the shadow of the rock mass (of stone) stone stupa shaped like a large and very well sheltered. The villagers named. “Phra That Pha Ngao” true measure before moving here. Formerly called “Wat Sop word” located on the banks of the Mekong River. The water has broken down. The area of the temple collapsed almost completely underwater Mekong measure of faith has moved to a new temple on the hill. , Not far from the original.

Wat Phra That Pha Ngao is located on the banks of the Mekong River on the west side. Opposite Laos. Junction in the village, Tambon Wiang, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai.
South of Chiang Saen District, about 3 km with a total area of 743 acres, most of the small hill. Since putting down home stretch.
Ban Doi Chan and ends at the junction. But before that locals call the mountain “Doi Kham”, but later during the holidays. People called “Doi chan”.

Slopes below. The site of the Pha Ngao. Created on a large rock. Next, rising to 300 meters, a height of about five meters, the pagoda called Phra That Chom Chan. The highest part of the hill was the site of another pagoda, about 5 feet high, as the locals call it. Seven relics. The temple was built relics of Buddhist pagodas around Phra Chedi original vision. But can still see the remains of a stupa at the top seven within the new stupa. In summary, this temple is an ancient pagoda built in the past to the third episode.

Creator Phrathatphadaeng shadow. Annals of the Ionian said. Khun Khun Pha lean or lean (against him), who ruled from 494 to 512 fathoms the 23 year period is a pagoda built on a large rock at the foot of Doi Mon Which means that the Pha Ngao in this temple. Phra That Pha Ngao has deteriorated significantly. Expected to be restored to some. Relics because they are located at the lower slopes of the mountain. For easy maintenance.

Creator Phra That Chom Chan and relics are the top seven finishing up later on to occupy the city. “Wiang Sa peeled” (City of London today) 996-1007 during the year he had persuaded the people of the city are home to help build the Pagoda atop Mount term. Currently, people called nibble Monday This means that the Chedi Phra That Chom Phra Chan and seven were the pinnacle of the two disasters destroyed. Such themes sunny – rain and wind destroyed thousands of years until the remains of the base is about 5 meters and the help that the economy may be sparse until the villagers abandoned religion, lack of parental care and the countless two. drilling marks. They may be made of antique collectors antiques soils it is not.

Creating a new measure. At first it was assumed that the hillock ball was cleared, this must be the old me. I have found the remains of artifacts all over the area. In February 2519, it has embarked on forest clearing. Originally this was a cave called “Tham Pha shadow” mouth of the cave was closed for a long time. The backwoods wilderness area is filled with antique ruins scattered all over everywhere. There is one piece of the Buddha is a Buddha. Suspension lap four broad belief that the Buddha in the temple. Intends to complete the restoration of the faith intact.

York city.

The dream of Mr. Chandra carpet on February 28, 2519, Mr. Chandra rugs are one of the pioneers of the faith all forest clearing. Sleep and dream in the middle of that. A monk one. Tall – Black says that “before the remaining half of the principal body parts out. I was invited to a ceremony to pray for the removal of 8 photos first. You will find even more amazing than this “.

The liturgy following the withdrawal date is March 1, 2519, Mr. Chandra rugs to bring the dream to tell the audience all believers. And then everything is done according to the dreams. To adjust to the different areas of the stump. Roots and large rocks. Work the area was carried out with difficulty.

Buddha cliffs discovered my shadow on March 17, 2519 at 14:00 pm, when the believers have the area already. Everyone excitement and joy. When it was found that under the stump. (Principal base page) has arranged the ancient bricks. I found out on the brick mask (the solid) pose together on the mask. Buddha has found that looks very beautiful. Antiques expert analysis that the Buddha between 700 to 1,300 years, all the same, the Buddha’s name. “Pastor Cliff Shadows” and change the name of a new measure. “Wat Phra That Pha Ngao” From that time onwards.

The Buddha discovered on the cliff silhouette and father. This temple was built and developed continuously. Construction of various permanent objects. Was conducted relentless as the arch, the front wall, monastic cloister, the Sala Rai and Pha Ngao. When you are the first abbot of the developers. You can build a temple which enshrines a pastor cliff shadow. Seen today.
Measure the old town. During the reign of the kingdom fathoms. The abandoned property is in the thriving extreme. Speculated that there may be a more important measure, and the old is to see that Buddha Luang Pha shadow excavated was constructed and buried under the Big Buddha (Buddha) to hide a fear of being stolen from. The popular collection.

Faber is a measure of the normal When developing continuously. The Department of Religious Affairs has announced the cancellation of the abandoned temple to temple with typical novice monk resolve since October 22, 2522.

List abbot of the monastery. Since the monks from the temple to meet with the abbot of Wat Phra That Pha Ngao is included 3.
1. The teachers are very sharp, the Vedic God is good abbot Year 2519-2529.
Two. Phra Ajarn Chai abscesses Four mosques Mano determined to be a pastor from 2530 to 2531.
3. The cognitive perception Muni. The abbot years 2531 – present.
The abbot of the 3 you are the developer and have far-reaching vision. You can follow the development of the first abbot of the temple, you have performed since the beginning.