To share or not to be is true

This time we have a situation that Thailand is a disaster. It has multiple levels. We must sympathize with. People who are mentally weak. We will give him a chance. The complaint will be some frantic Oadoai. We are cognizant of and sympathetic. Do not listen to what he thought he might have been if I would have listened executive leadership. What was more, he had to be patient and not to squabble. Then he just comforted by the consciousness that even as the angels had to give people a chance. That’s ฝntkkeแcheg ฝnแlggkedea.

So do not be discouraged. Buddhism does not. Teach us to despair. We are taught to give weak. When a problem. My fate. Go to menace meet strength and use it to his advantage in the clearances yourself to grow even more.

We will have more skill in order to solve the problem. In order to be doomed romance danger through the steps to success in building. Creativity to develop it further ..

But when I wail, then do not stop at the end to have to go through this step.

The mood was calm and composed mind quickly turned to fix it. Then remove the adverse event or problem to be helpful.

The problem would be the development of intelligence. The problem occurred. If we take the search for the causes and find solutions. We will turn this into intelligence. Change one letter of “problem” would be “wise” to.

The problem is that he then changed his mind. The problem is the development and use of intelligence. Fortunately, it turns into an opportunity.

This is a very difficult time for them, which often makes it garrisons reckless passion.

Buddhism teaches that. If this happens, do not prosper the obsession to use it to his advantage. It is a factor in the creation of even more.

If this principle is not a wise precaution, and it can be done. At least is likely to stir up people’s consciousness. It has a strong If it is dull groan Oadoai hysterical. I wasted. And to aggravate yourself with …

Misfortune dull hum. When I was spoiled. Always keep away misfortune and fortune. This is a call for a fortune. But as a great man. With luck, the luck turned. And pass it to extend benefits.

Thailand in this society, we might miss it. When we are fully comfortable ฟuggeฟืeag instead take it as a factor in the creation. Back to indulge your passion, this is called negligence. Opportunity to make a fortune. Instead, use the opportunity to create even more.

Now, by this time we were fortunate worse then Moore hit a punch to the head melancholy wail became aggravate yourself. Another hard luck.

You are now conscious intellect to understand it as an opportunity to make a fortune. Because the time I suffer adversity. Usually the best time. Developed by many people to be a problem. Train yourself to be strong. This also allows the analysis of the social life of many successful people.

I suffered from the same problem. If we set a good The correct attitude. We would be strengthened. Fought struggle We will develop the capabilities. We have experienced that. Clearances yourself. Then more and more intellectual ability. Life and society will continue to flourish.

It should be underlined that the above principle once again.

“I made a fortune as a precaution, but the opportunity to make a fortune.”

This eliminates a fortune then. Allow wailing grief aside for a short time and then cooling it quickly recovered.
I am glad that I came to know the victim. Made it into an opportunity. Fortunately, as a diversion. We will not be afraid to flourish.