The teachings of the Buddha.

Buddha said, “Allah created the New Security Governance cross the canals, the Venice canals Spirit of nuisance” priests before God. It is shining “R’s favorite doll and Lahiri Lahiri any skill level line Accessories I mosques ฐํ Turkish Republic,” but I was miserable then. The caller had a passion “.

Buddha reminds us all to wake up and up. To realize it. When we do so with the peace of mind or meditation Brikrrm’s “Buddha” but we did not do that Brikrrm word “Buddha” is what exactly. The Buddha also reminds us that the meaning of the word “Foundations of Mindfulness” goat or devil, but in our mind. I never bothered to give us the true meaning of the word “Foundations of Mindfulness” and “Buddha” play.

- I Ppassr the spiritual glory of rulers, so it does not explicitly sensual nirvana Ppassr is rare and immortal existence in the Nirvana = true.


Formula 2 Bhikkhu Maha For. (31-32).

“Priests before God. The removal of sensuality. The elimination of anger. The removal of the rulers. Nirvana is the name of the element.
The end of the anger and the desire of the rulers is known as Amt picture …… “.

- The psychological distress and then this. The Passion of the guests came. Where is it. It is because God is spiritual glory. Therefore, we are spiritual glory, so share the world and the universe, heaven, hell and the mental distress is 31 Love Landscape = false.


1. In Christianity and Islam, in the chapter on the long-time Genesis / Genesis Genesis 1 creation.
1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, etc..

On the last day of creation. Buddha said. “Let us make man in our image, according to” (Genesis 1:26) This is why God is not a body of spiritual glory alone. I use the word we. If the evidence is not clear. Read on this verse Genesis 1:26 God said … Let us make man in our image. According to them …….. “another one verse” Behold, the man has become like one of us, then. Know good and evil “.

2. In the three Buddhist sutras to confirm: Trrmtatu / God / Buddha. The Creator of all things, the conclusion was made that Trrmtatu or Sagkttrrm. A true and durable for every day (or Trrmtatu Sagkt elements that Santino God) more in

The fact of the matter is.

We have ourselves another or the mental one. Buddhist saint who is suffering now. We were lying in wait in Nirvana. But we’re going to wake up at once. We actually had to wait in vain for a saint by millions around the year. Because we are human gods Brahma, the imp as hell is not lost in dreams awake.

Passion and ignorance is making us dream. And I continue in samsara PRODUCT. Cross over the end of the day is not waking up. Back into the world to attain. Heaven is eternal.

As long as we (I’d not pure in this world) is still me in my virtual world and humans in 31 world climates as long as we (I innocence in this world, the butt) but I was not.