The recitals


I did the same thing. If the girl I love. If you do not like to disagree with this objection was not resumed. He would love for him to be satisfied until. Until that happens, it will damage it .. I know it’s wrong to. But it’s wrong to do it to the position it was not. This is a simple example. What is the diagnosis. Be diagnosed by carrying out a large I usually can. Bias arises in the mind. This is called ฉantacti. I hate the place. We do not like it. Do not like it when people do not have a resolution that is not bad is it altogether.

The resolution in the case. It has a base that is like. I do not like that it is. The sake of the example as well. I love that it is selfish like that. It’s a pleasure to enjoy the best. I want to get involved in another one that I do not like I do not appreciate what he was doing was not my mood. I hate it. The bias that occurs immediately. That does not apply. Action is not valid. Although it was not to be. But if you did not go ahead. Adgtikieแpaale ever called. I have the same. I hate to call it biased.

Biased because of fear. Some fear that this decision is influenced him. He feared henchmen. I was afraid of the big powers. The diagnosis is usually built into the fear. To provide a safe Selfishness is the same. Put into use again. What is the diagnosis was wrong and it was not exactly the truth. This is called biased because of the fear.

This selfishness. I’m saying it. What they often turn to the subject. Because it is important. The base of both the good and the bad people. If it’s in the bad. That’s a selfish element. To make people think it’s wrong to commit to anything. In ways that are damaged. Because of the selfishness that has happened before. If not selfish. Is seen in the fact that Dharma. It would not be wrong. Because the Dharma. I think it will be like. Target. I have to get involved. Thought to be caused by it.

For a simple example, that the “A.” This is the one. Then that person to act for him as one. Most of the people he saw that it was not any different, but not with the “J” did not think so. Did not see in it. To say that he was so good as well as the “Republic” was organized under the patronage of the then hold up in a variety of ailments. He helps his mother died. Funeral for his help. That has suffered distress, ran to assist. Help and support are a bunch of his mind, “a” for the love and respect that person. But do not think that what we have, it is a matter of individual Or the public. The only think that I was good at it. What is he doing to the damage that was wrong. Back out of sight. I can not see. Because it overcomes prejudice.

Bias is bias when it happens. Because it is biased. Called ฉantacti, I hate bias. Call it hate, fear and prejudice. Called prejudice, bias due to ignorance. Called intolerance.

4 The objective of this one. If it happens in the mind of any person. The person must continue to decline. Why the Great Depression. I think it’s wrong to say that the criminal association, they are pebble stones go wrong with. This is the base for the four bias in mind. Otherwise, it will happen, it will tilt the bias that exists as we have love, we have to look at the positive. Useful to them. Anyone that does not agree.

Suppose that a young girl has a crush on each other. The young girl in love. I looked down and saw that my parents did not have it. But the young people are the ones finical A rancher. I do not have bad habits. Then I told her that. I consider this to be the young man she had a fan here. It does not matter what. Daughter to believe. I like it … do not believe. That you find offensive or otherwise objectionable in this. I do not like to say that this different manner. He did not see any of the people he loves. I love him so much. He has very little bias. Called partial sides were very little. Who says it is not for this that I do not like it. I usually take the environment as an excuse to claim that he is not just the poor. He does not miss the USSR. I accept the fact that others see. Because of the eye, it is translucent. What a blur to me. Not clear as to the actual situation.

The bias is due to the fall. I do not know what is. I do not understand. There is no reason not affect intelligence. He heard that it was said to him. This is called intolerance. If these people are so prejudiced. It also distracted by it.

Now he is one. Is often used to bias the thing. To do this and that next. Damage to various reasons. What’s the diagnosis that was. That evil is not evil. Will not be prejudiced. Widgets will be fairly diagnostic. With fairness, it must be attributed to many things, such as taking the Five Precepts before the diagnosis. The action is good or evil. It is an offense to pay or not. What are the five precepts, we are very well known. Is to not kill each other. Do not plug the well. The Act does not encroach love to entertain, not to speak lie. Not consume alcohol as the site of negligence. This is the primary We will take a decision as to what is wrong.