Good son

I remember that …..
Failure to engage in certain cases.
Back to the Great Crusades. Than fighting.

Do not anger the bad ones.
In fact, he did not like it.
But he did not understand.
What is the best … what is bad.

Parents, be strong … do not harden.
The mother must be simple … not negligent.
Parents need to be gentle … not weak.

If the yield
Wisely and prudently.
The defeat of the arts.
Better to win by emotion.

Courage is wisdom.
If I dared without intelligence.
He called the Daredevil.

The final destination is not enough.
Is … suffering.

I remember …
The components have to forgive others.
Are weak mentally.
To forgive an enemy is to make friends.

I remember what should be remembered. Forget what should be forgotten.
Do what they should do. And need to know. What should be done first.
What should be done later.

When the note is found.
After the laughter to tears.
After tears. The artisans.
Is a fact of life.
We’d I stepped forward.
The swagger is better than standing still.
Because if it was not good … I know people have been kicked off the fall anyway.

What is it with kids today.
Do not dream of the future.
So obsessed with the past.
Are suffering.

I forget what it was. But do not forget.
What a waste. But do not lose them.
What’s wrong is wrong. But not immoral.

I remember …
Nature never forgives anyone.
I do not have to be that way.
However, it is natural to everyone.
But … most people.
I accept that opportunity.

I remember that.
For the sake of seeing it.
They work hard hog.
Altruistic they were comfortable.

Brave are those who can control themselves.
I need to know if the tree root maintenance.
But growing minds.
Be nourished by the moral precepts.

The cross is the nature of mortals.
Forgiveness is the nature of the degree.
I even graduate. Need to practice forgiveness.
With compassionate.
Because anger has mercy.

Duties of the child should treat each other.
Delivering it to each other.

You should look at the positive.
To see that no one is all bad.
We have friendly people.
I would have thought differently.

Ships at sea.
The wind was so rejected.
The lives of children.
Obstacles do not deny me.

Some of the owners.
60 of the record of my father’s ideas.

Queue a Ignatius copy.

Best of the happiness of parents.
The worse of it. The suffering of the parents.

I said to the Buddha‘s.
I said to the Buddha: Let my friends all have a happy, healthy life.
Buddha said: I was only 4 days.
I replied that if it’s on a spring day, summer autumn winter day.
Buddha said: three days.
I said: Yes, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.
Buddha said: I have just two days.
I replied: Yes, it is day and night.
Buddha said: I do not have to give up one day.
I said: I was.
Buddha asked: how I.
I answered that I was at my friend’s lives.
Buddha laughed and said: From now on her friends to enjoy good health every day.

I can mail it to a friend, I wish. You all have enjoyed good health.
Weather changes frequently. Take care of yourself (do not forget to send warmth to it).