The following story is another case of a young girl who is haunting the dark. She did something wrong. The idea that it is a pleasure. The self-satisfied. But then it turned out she was suffering for a long time.

Her daughter Tanya Martin. The laborers. Her home along the canal. The fertile irrigated. Her career shrimp farming. She went on shrimp from children. Shrimp with a toy. What if I want to play with the life of shrimp. I do not like shrimp, they will play with her or not.

Tanya Martin, like most of what is torture shrimp. The arrest was first placed in the Freeze (Freeze) of the refrigerator or freezer. It’s tough to torture and death. After soaking for about half an hour ago. She opened the refrigerator to see. Writhing with shrimp and see suffering from the cold weather. Tanya Martin recognized that persistence. Anyone who has suffered so much shrimp. Women were more satisfied. After suffering already. She dumped!

As a child, Tanya Martin. I think she did not sin against you whatsoever. Her parents did not know that she had done such deeds. She will play regularly. Invite friends to play with sometimes. Shrimp was her suffering. There are all sizes for many years if well maintained, then the hundreds.

Some of her friends have warned. Torture animals such as Sin. Effective action can be traced back to her time. But then Tanya Martin did not care and do not be afraid because the past you never seen shrimp that can be caught, she kept in the freezer so that it is thought of Tanya Martin when she found that action and The action is the same action as straightforward. If she caught shrimp are shrimp that have caught her Freeze Freeze freezer as well.

Sometimes parents see her daughter play with it. Admonition was taught not to do. Because it is not good. Tanya Martin, but it’s not. Quit the application. I still catch shrimp in the freezer so the same. She felt the animal’s suffering is good.

Tanya wrote the legislation that made it gradually. Creeping behind her back involuntarily. She had no idea that I was even going to come to work. But she did just that. Shrimp, they died out. It’s got to be something she was not sure. I did not realize that. Shrimp hundreds she took it to death and then left free freezer. There may be resentment towards her feud was not hard.

I had no idea what she never expected it would happen little by little at first she did not know what was going on with her life. She often breathe air. Inconvenience and a stuffy nose. Sometimes recurrent heavy Breathing to return to normal, it suffered almost died!

Women have to check at the hospital. Doctors said that she is allergic to. And asthma. While there, she thought. What disease is not serious. The moment was lost. Because the disease is not terrible.
But the idea that it would be contrary Tanya Martin. Because every time she calls it. From asthma. She was suffering a lot. Especially in the winter. Her suffering. I breathe it out. Each breath heavily it is for her. If her breathing is not just a matter of seconds. That means her life ever.

At the time I thought she had the shrimp catch in the left free trial. It apparitions of her when I breathe out. I suffered all the time.

Shrimp and see them appear frequently in her mind she thought that what she is now. Presumably as a result of the action that did that as a child. How she suffered. Shrimp would suffer as well. Karma is gradual. Manifested in her mind more and more.

Tanya Martin suffered martyrdom for many years. Until her admission to the University. Suffering is gradually mitigated. But it’s not exactly. And what she has learned throughout the years is the law of karma. She happens to be unavoidable. What she is. It was what she had done that.

Tanya Martin today I tried every possible way. To the power of the bad karma that she had committed it. What is palliative. And I will devote all her time to the charity. She had the shrimp to catch them tortured to death. This will make her feel a bit more comfortable.

Evil has never made anyone happy. Avoid evil deeds from one second before the action that can be traced back to ourselves. Effective action to Tanya Martin is experiencing now is only one example. There are many who have been affected by their evil deeds. Fate and effects of the action. It is confirmed by the experience of those people that is absolutely true.