Way to Nirvana

Luang Pu was found in the Buddha Nirvana – It is said long years ago. That the teacher commitment. I asked for the wisdom Thera.
Have you ever been told that you practice one night while in the woods. I respectfully request Phra Somdej Buddha I kindly ask that you the teacher, you know how. That will lead to the realization of his misery. And His Royal Highness The Prophet was a mercy that the Lord Buddha, I have a way to practice is not completely unbridled.

When the teacher told her to come down for you the Buddha Buddha. As the Buddha saw Him as He really is so withering as the King.

Lord I do not know you tell me. How joyous that your joy in your fortune is unlikely to have any life but the lives of the teachers are really great, make sure to give the teachers you know how the Lord meditation. Mental practices.

Eventually you will also be like the teacher, who can follow the Lord instead Siษyanusiษis the pain away completely. The teacher is the most important one in practice today. Is known to occur in those who take every care in the practice.

This is when the teacher told you to. Not only make you a good teacher heavenly Siษyanusiษis important to many. But it has never understood that before.
Please login or register to see it’s the same God. But the people who read it and I was skeptical. Unlike the Dhammakaya father live. And the concept Father Matthew Yi GMT. They say you have to love that the city attain nirvana. But I read what my problem du Prom Nino said I understand. I like to play my stab vest is nothing to say that “the country is to attain nirvana,” Well, yes, sometimes it seems like to me I said, “God is really like. Nothing “I know my view is that I do not. I read it.

One day my (view) is described as:.

“When I go to heaven glass. A glass of heaven is like a monastery of the Buddha Gautama. The castle was preaching. Located to the right of the Buddha, there are a number of kiosk Holy Scriptures. Write a letter to the Pali. If I was asked what I grandfather. Left the castles of the clergy. There are Buddhist monks presided. The Glass Castle is a good mind to go to one of the four Buddhas of this eon site. Lap times by a wide halo. The First of the big cook’s Thomas a lap width of 20 meters the second Phra Nak on lap 15 that Ong third of the Vegas Split lap 10 that Ong fourth lap 5 that if the Sri Lori’s body. five If you wish to appear. I seem to have found the body of the first lap. I have excellence, build up to 16 with a great countless eon site made it so good “.

I looked back behind bars, but his grandfather said.

“I went to the shed to the fourth episode. There are no estimates are the therapists. The real nirvana. Nothing is out of space. But I lost it “.

OK, it is the nirvana nirvana. There nirvana country. Or is it put together.

Now let’s take a listen. The Wise King Sagwr. It tells me that it met the Buddha in nirvana. May be enough to make you understand what it is.

As already mentioned above. That when His Royal Highness the Prophet in my nirvana. I still have not heard. Buddha is supposed to have compassion. The teacher is committed there. When the principal of the firm, you should definitely go to the graciousness The practice or study of religious people would certainly agree with this fact.

: Vesak light on my 2550.
: King Sagwr perception. Patriarch. สกลมหาสังฆปริณายก.

Buddha by Buddha criticizes bishops.

Buddha Dabkants extinction is not lost. Acts to protect Buddhism in the world. People in the world have been influenced by Buddhism. Did not differ from the living God. I just need to turn out to be otherwise unacceptable. Disco acts to protect the Buddha Early treatment is difficult. Unlike most accessible rock cave mouth. I bow to the Buddha, I always thought it would have been the glory of Buddha. I have to live at peace with.

Buddha Khan goes to extinction. I was born in Vivian’s death cycles poor anymore. The Buddha also boasts acts. The teachers are told that God is one. When you perform a disengagement in the forest undergrowth, p. Gautama Buddha has come to teach you the glory always. Lord Buddha was a teacher and later as a devout Buddhists respect of many. The confidence treat you to the destination.

Buddha Khan went off to extinction. The Buddha preach the glory went to God for the teachers to achieve Mrrcผl. There is no doubt that it is very unlikely. Is impossible.

Maha Dharma Center Suyy eye or eyes, or nirvana or Buddhahood start. Presumably, as the creator and liberation.

Luang Pu Du and if you read the King’s speech perception Sagwr still do not understand it. I try to read my writings.

What has not been made. But everything else is built. As of immortality, and immortality is the great people I Suyy eyes or valve or the wrong eye or nirvana or Buddhahood original center from which there is a blank look. I would switch off the whole idea. A loss in the same space.

This is a great space. Let’s make a (world / universe) and what is salvation (God (Buddha) and attain the mental switch to open up the space. Mental switch is open space. Lord Buddha was the only one God only. Buddha called. “I like you” like Buddha has enormous power over the imagination.

The Buddha is like a self-Buddha Buddhist spiritual divide so many functions. I also find myself a saint by many. After that the Buddha and the various saint. The world and the universe. A heaven of hell. Landscape and many worlds. The law of karma is the appropriate place to address the spiritual needs.

The saint is. “People Suyy eye” can be hands-on practice to achieve a “fair Suyy eyes,” he stated clearly the Mahayana. Doctrine but also confusing. Known, but the word “God” does not recognize the word “death” absolute truth “extinction” is “fair Suyy Eyes” is a state of mental space and the space as the “nirvana” or “person Suyy eye”. There exist a natural landscape in Buddhism (in Buddhism agriculture) and a pure nectar (Samopckai) in the nirvana (Buddhism agriculture).


Nirvana is the second one.

1. The nirvana that is home to the city. The immortal lives. The living is immortal.

- Dhammakaya meditation but do not socialize the Niort. You must be a Tipp another nature. To speak to socialize, do business with the third incarnation of the Bodhisattva Arhat Samopckai a way to attain the Dhammakaya Buddhist living in the landscape. Agriculture is the Buddhist Nirvana.

- A divine vision Samopckai or Buddhist Arhat or Bodhisattva, or the Holy Spirit. Living in frontier agriculture Buddhist nirvana.

Two. Dance nirvana with no home town. The state would have lost nothing but immortality is living in a mental space that I Suyy eye condition or death.

I also understand that Luang Pu Du said. “The real nirvana. Nothing is out of space. But I lost it, “is this.

Luang Pu Du fresh enough but the pastor said the hermit. The city is home to attain the Dhammakaya and Samopckai is correct. Layer is the saint of the Lord. “People Suyy Eyes” also has a facility is located. There is a fair (reserved) and a clairvoyant (Samopckai) is. The nirvana that is home to the city. The conditions look like. But the solution is not just the loss of the saint who is “fair Suyy eyes,” but it would only make a “C” only.

Read on to Luang Pu strongly in the wisdom God in the highest enlightenment. The Buddha and his disciples came to Thanks royal saint grandfather committed. This piece here.

What is the real Ttact. Purity of heart is to see her Nagnแl. His Ttact in this body, in the form of a separate scenario. Ttact and the fact that the saint. This is not the way to go. This is just by way of example only Ttact body …. Therefore, in this scenario body to assume only