Reverend R. wrong.

Blessed is the total fair practices for the better. The people I follow are four reasons.
1. I walk the way you move it.
2. I do not burn your hand wet.
3. I have wronged in the time I was not that friendly.
4. I fell into the power of the bad girls.

I invite people who are not familiar or have never lived together, even for a day or two. Never seen before.
To sit on a seat that has been held. The rice and water consumption as well. But those who were invited to do so, the individual benefits.
I invite those who have deliberately To do so, he is known as a walk along the path and you are invited.
Reputation as a leading. Participants were invited to return as those who followed behind.
However, people such as parents, teachers or parent who has cared for children and students at large. Them.
When you know your child. Foster will return with a sense of gratitude. As you walk along the path together.
R. Blessed is wrong on that one.

In case of any individual, even a single night and the Guest House. Cooking with rice and water is fed.
Well as with his hands drenched with the operating base.
That person should not be a bad idea to do that even with my home. The idea that a person is civilly against the so called burn your hand wet.
The second canon is fairly equivalent.

Guests can sit or lie down at the shadow of any tree. Boy should not break the stem of the tree branches or shoots it. I know the benefits of trees.
The plant is known as a personal injury is a sin, because they have a shade that you care for her. I have a broken rod Frances King.
Or destruction of trees that sprout. Graduates is considered. Can be vicious. I even have a tree. That they have been living a lie.
People cut trees or branches that have been blamed for this favor. Not to mention the personal injury benefactor to help them get adopted.
Mayhem is not friendly to me and the Canon equivalent.

She praised her husband as well. Even for the big money for. But when a husband and then insulting them.
People should not be in the power of women like that. She said it was normal. I have a fond respect for their husbands. Honor her husband.
Aggressive woman scorned husband does not speak so well as a woman. The lady praised. In contrast to women who have no loyalty to the husband.
Consciousness is called the theology Asatis a woman not a woman of this type is considered mother. Praise and honor. And wealth to the people.
But when the opportunity to insult her. I do not tell her husband or expose the public to get to know. She is not good at this.
Should not associate with. STO is to associate a friendly or a wife. Inevitably degrade the honor to be a distinct depression.
Not in the power of the bad girls. The fourth canon is fairly equivalent.
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Re: Canon equivalent fairly good practice for four reasons – like a giant button at the sermons of the Wito BA.
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[985] at the keypad that the giants. I stood on top of Kiri Kan Banphot. The idea would be.
The idea was to rise first. With the well-being of the Wito -.
This degree can have us do. We shall kill you, then keep this Wito BA.
Heart to him.
[986] As a big button at the top of his mental injury to the foot to the crown.
Animals in the mountains. Frenchie inside the mountain. I caught the animal.
Remove the lower head. Thrown down to the ground without any limitation.
[987] BA Wito eclipsed the glorious state of the simulated model. After hanging his head.
Into a steep ravine. It is horrible horrible horrible too.
I did not flinch. As I said at the Giant’s keypad. When there is such a rarity.
But what is not good. Similar to the rally but did not rally.
A vulgar action useless. The one I have in mind is even less charitable.
You will throw me into the abyss useless. With the death of
I will have to say this is like the skin of a person.
Let me tell you the man. When the angel’s name.
[988] I was a big name at the shift key. The Pacha of Dame Kuewr if you would.
Listen to the serpent called Varuna. Naga has occupant earth.
Clean the skin with beauty and strength. I would have loved her.
Naga Kanya called it a good run by the Daughters of the serpent. Please look here for a philosopher.
Because of her I had a good run at the waist, which I love. So I decided to.
Kill you.
[989] Giants look here, you do not have an obsession with it. PFC many animals.
The reason is because I hold you so dear to me, in her best run at.
The waist is pretty cute. What you have with the death of me.
I invite you all to say that I am with.
[990] I wish the auspices of the Daughters of the serpent serpent. I have a lot of power.
The subjects of her relatives called me in a good run. Those are my relatives.
I was overwhelmed by the love scene is one the auspices serpent serpent.
I said I had a lady ask me to run in Naga Kanya as well. We find the daughter.
We, the body of the hair. I have an amazing eye. Apply with Hurn.
If your heart’s desire แkenhantns Wito BA in the future of this planet.
Because this fair feat. You will be our daughter. We are United.
Moreover, the desire for more wealth. Please look here Pasha. I do not have to.
I know people will listen to this again, I did not have a phone.
What do because your heart. I have been fair.
Thao and her serpent king Varuna William MLA. I will give her a good run in the Naga Kanya.
I therefore I have tried to kill me.
Contributing to the death of you. It will push you to the abyss in this killing.
Then take it to heart.
[991] So I put him down quickly. If you have business to do with my heart.
Reverend R. I will show you this all wrong today.
[992] at the keypad that the giants. I put Wito Bachelor eclipsed the noblest of people.
Simulated the model on top of the hill. See no evil Wito Bachelor of spirituality, so I took that.
When I am lifted up from the abyss it. Today I have work to do with the heart.
R. Blessed are ye show me all of that to me today.
[993] I will raise you up out of the abyss. If you have business to do with the heart.
I will show my total canon all wrong for you today.
[994] When I look here young man walking along a path that you do not burn your hand first.
Do not have one of the bloodiest violence among friendly with me, do not fall into the other one.
The power of one woman’s sanity.
[995] He was a walk along the walk to the called party.
How to burn your hand wet. People like friendly woman named mayhem like.
I asked the name of sanity. I will give that body.
[996] Any person who shall invite people who are not familiar with. Never seen, even with the seat.
Men ought to be done by a real benefit to them. Graduates who are men.
That’s the way to go for your walk. In case of any adverse party.
Even a single night with lead white. Not a bad idea to me, even with a bad idea.
Such persons. It was moist burn pads. The mayhem was friendly.
People sitting or lying on the shade of the trees. Boy should be branches of the tree.
Because of the violence was wicked friendly. Regarded as very threatening to the woman’s husband.
This land is full of sap. I find it insulting to the husband.
People should not fall under the jurisdiction of those women. The name of the person name Faustin.
As you walk along the way, and then some. It was moist palms burned like this.
Named in the power of a woman who was very conscious of this. Mayhem was friendly.
This is what is in the wrong. I was wrong before.
(This is) a religious sermon Reverend R..