I killed a pig

Every time you go out hunting. Fitting to carry firearms. One day, he is not one boars shot in the hip. It’s very painful. And turned to the Lord with rage. But he did not care. I went back home happily bear boar. Upon returning to the house he was prepared to kill them instantly. Looking for a wild boar with a loud cry about. To plead for his life. But he was not interested. I picked up a knife stab to the neck its full force. Soils are so suffocated her naked! He took the whole hog scald and clean. Then cut into pieces. I made some food. Remaining after drying the skin.

From the moment the boar was shot. Up to the moment it was placed over it. It has a vendetta against him for the time. It reminds me that it is doing something wrong. Why did he have to kill it. But he did not have the fear of what to do in any way. Because this action was not his first. Life, young and older. He lives to kill off a lot. Such as fish, birds, chickens, ducks, pigs and many other times had to hunt for food.

As long as the results are not evil people, they usually do not feel remorse. Also continue to fret evil. When evil comes to him that resulted. He will gradually realization and recognition of the suffering that had been made to the others. The shape is the same. Years ago. He never thought that. What to do then. It will affect him forever to do. Contrary to that. They are a good thing. Because he has to eat something delicious. I was out hunting. At any time on it. The idea is that those Luddite has come a long way since I was young. Until the age of 45 years resulted in a gradual action. He is creeping along. He has been known to cause pain and suffering.

He lived in the village. Relatively abundant in both rivers and mountains, the people can always be tricky. I do not buy that. Some made it to the river for fishing. Some of the birds he shot. Shooting animals for food. He is just like the others. To catch animals to eat on a regular basis. He is very tricky. I have a lot of time fishing. Time to hunt wild animals is often a big one in terms of the money he was very lucky. Because large animals for food every time. Unlike the other villagers. It does not certain. But if you look at the other hand. His good fortune. As well as what he allows Tmewr greater deeds.

Then came the next day. The day he went hunting for a more regular basis. He never thought this would happen to him. I just think that. I hunt a lot. Such as wild boar, wild fowl. He has prepared for trapping animals. And the gun is ready to fire when the animal passes. He sat for a long time. Boar was eventually passed. He felt suddenly that this lucky. Certainly not eat pork.

But the boar did not accidentally walk into the trap laid for him. He then used the gun to shoot the gun once the trigger is so bad timing. Gunfire resounded. I ran the boar. While he is defeated ผlึeg down to sleep on the floor. Because he fired the gun. Out and splinter and break the barrel steel. Ejected into him. With the blood flow throughout the body. Torture sailed capture the heart of the Lord!

But not with the wild boar. He helped compose the body stand up. I once chased a wild boar. I forget that they have to trap them. He then ran to the foot of the trap. Face trap it is running. I plugged it into his stomach so hard. I collapsed to the ground in pain for the rest!

This is followed by the results of evil deeds in this life. This is not enough. Karma will also need to satisfy the following equation to the next. The only way to reduce youth action to alleviate the weight down some. It is good to see. Make it very very much. Evil exists, it will light up only so much. A lot like the black water in the glass. If you add water to it. Black water, it gradually. Clear up. The addition of water to much. The intensity of color in the water would be diluted slowly to become. I will give a hundred percent to refute it. It is therefore not possible to keep well away from this that there is no time left to do it anymore.

But it’s fitting to . He was beaten and left to take the bloodied bodies striving. Down the mountain pathways. To return to the village that is over kb. Each step of the equation, he is full of suffering. And before that he would not tolerate the pain until fall I have had people in the village came to see him. It led him to a doctor immediately.

Painful lessons that I’ve been in this equation. Made up his mind that Action because he had made it. Action, it has come to him fully. He intended. This continues to be a wild chase that to be a shortage.