Fate of the outrage

In the middle of the busy capital of Thailand “Krai strategy”, which is one of the top hotels in Bangkok, Thailand trade more than 10 years from the date of arrival in the capital to this day. He lives better than ever. It is a joy. And that he had money and gold for it. I always forget him. Money on something that is not useful to use on a regular basis.

While closer to home. Coincidentally, I met a young girl. , Not far from his home, he does. And from his drunk and insane. The idea arose in his mind a sudden. He wanted to rape this child too. At that time, he never would have guessed that. The result will be. I just want to have fun for a time only.

When found, he goes straight to the girl immediately. As I watch the girls. I think that is just plain drunk. When done with the theater. He grabbed the girl is. Then drag it to the edge of the desert. Although she struggled and shouted for help. But the battle was done by hand gag. I punched in the body. And you can not defend himself. The battle was done I was raped.

During this period he broke it. Strategists have done diligently to create. But his bad habits like drinking drugs drunk is like. This gave his life to turn up. And it enhances the good that is in his less indefinitely. Especially when they have a friend who is not augmented.

After trading throughout the Sun Krai is often geared to compensate for fatigue by going out to clubs, bars. Drinking with friends. To relax. I did not realize that. This does not have to compensate for them. In contrast to the tired beat down carefully.

One day, he went on as usual. And was drinking heavily. It was a long weekend. He thought that it would take to satisfy. Equation is very tiring. Dedicated to the pursuit of money. These were just pleasure. He did not realize that it also had the pleasure of many more, but in his mind. Happiness is tangible, easy and cheap enough to eat. When he had returned home drunk.

After the rape of a young girl crying with shock and grief. Strategic done so afraid that if she is not. He was arrested. Young men shouting and threatening to tell me that if I did not believe the girl was killed the terror seriously. Then he let her go. She went back home tearfully. Heart filled with regret I hurt. But it does not tell a story that happened to me.

Day time she became pregnant. When parents know my relatives. It’s worth asking who the father of children. She eventually refused to disclose the fact that she was raped. Relatives went to the police report. The attempt to find a strategic Krai. Shortly after the incident occurred. He moved his family to the other. By lying to my wife that the debt payable. Trying to track down and kill.

Happy trading strategy continue to work to raise offspring. His only daughter to be like a superhero cornea. Has now grown into a beautiful young then.

Eventually I made it for him until one day the police traced him anywhere. And arrested immediately. Prakผogeyaws charges. I go to prison for many years. And it is not enough. While in prison. He knew about her daughter, which made him a very serious heartache.

Happy because the battle is in prison. Beautiful wife and daughter were alone. One day, a group of thugs in a row that saw his daughter. I might talk in the manner of a young girl’s. But she did not play. Hooligan groups that will not irritate I know, this is just a mother of two only.

One day, during which they consumed alcohol in the mouth of the alley. Happy to see her daughter walk past strategy. She returned from shopping at the mall. When I saw the tease as ever. But today, she was furious. So I responded back. Jokers are not satisfied. She turned to walk all the way.
A little girl went crying all the way. Her mental state was deteriorating. The sorrow and anguish. Because the life of a woman. There is nothing more cruel than this is it.

But the more distressed over her parents. Happy geared especially the father. Upon hearing that my daughter was raped by gangsters. He felt pain and greatly troubled. I wanted to get out of prison to kill them all to death. But they do not. I could only groan as if I was mad!

When he regained consciousness, and consciousness. He retrospective review of the whole story. He hit the ball to do it. Part may be due to the action that he did that. Retribution he may be arrested in prison are just a few. But that their children are being raped. It is a serious retribution for his father.

At first she did not think there would be nothing. But do not give up, they provoke She is trying to speed up the pace as fast as possible. But it is inevitable. These thugs raped her and held together satisfactorily. Then released to go home.