Fate of the fish

Fresh fish is sold. Sometimes the customer is buying a home to return to. But sometimes you have to hit a woman with a fish head. This could be because people do not know what to buy or not sin. However, most of her clients are hammering fish almost every time. Which she had made. It is because of her career. Many times women think that they do not sin. But the man who ordered the killing of more than a sin. It has sometimes felt like she was thinking, such as appeasement. Itself in the fact that deep. She was also afraid of sin.

As a small market in District Wattana. Sa Kaeo province. A female is called a “full moon” She sold fish in the market for many years. I have sold many fish species. Fish such as carp, catfish and more.

Earlier moon occupation farming. Some years, it has little profit. Some years, it’s a loss. But chances are good that almost no profit. As a result, she decided to turn to a professional trade. Which is thought to be made up as a family.

When I have a little money to invest. She was looking for something to trade. It has been suggested that I sold it to buy. Which I think would be a good profit. And it’s not much investment. The moon suddenly decide to trade fish.

She went to the land market and to sell fresh fish. Profits from the sale of fish has been well tolerated. Enough to feed the family. The moon was pleased with this profession. Because it will change her life ever. Only a few years, she has also made substantial money. Made over the past several years.

The fish head is pounding. If a small fish. Is not horrible. If it is a large fish, such as the big fish. It’s awesome as well. Wooden moon takes a sledgehammer to smash heads vigorously. The rebound bounced into her blood. Each day is a fish caught in the shirt. Body and everywhere!

The first is the fishing rods. Moon was stunned as well. I made it a habit to see. Become the norm. Mind had awed with the power of karma. I do not feel afraid anymore.

Each day, the fish were not killed outright. Small and large. The fish kill those customers. Sometimes she would kill me to do their own food. If one day you have to sell a lot of fish. She is locked up and sold the next day.

Over the last several years. The moon is still living as a female fish. She did not see that. It will result in bad karma, however. On the other hand it back to her with the skin. Comfortable than when I made it. She found a great career. I do not have to steal it. I did not cheat. Not fooling anybody. A pure professional.

But she did not realize that. This profession is a profession to be pure evil, but it has potential. I need to kill other organisms. I love my life and all, but I suffered with them. Evil deeds and this will not condone or even no punishment, but karma is a function of its own.

The result of such an action. Can occur in several ways. And usually happens when we do not have it. When the moon is the same.

One evening, after the sale is completed. She drove home like a normal pickup. But the heavy rains made the road slippery, but has not slowed moon. It’s dusk, so start on a curve, the car’s balance. And the capsize unexpectedly. To hit her head with such force that the steel shell collapse and slight wound to the head at several points. It is fortunate that she has not died!
When her family was shocked to see the event. Then rushed to the hospital immediately. It was lucky she was not to cause death. But her head had been severely affected. Her headaches all the time. Difficult for doctors to treat and cure as normal.

By this time she did that. The reason for this is because I like her as she pounded fish all the time, because the two events she had experienced themselves. Are all in the head. She believes that HTML code is certainly true.

Keeping the moon in the hospital for several months to return to normal trading. But then, I do not think. The car then flipped over her head injury as a result of the strike, the fish head, she thought it was only an accident. Nothing to do with the killing of fish in the slightest.

After about 3-4 months she started trading on the condition that it is not hundred percent recovered. The law of karma was served next. The old story that she had forgotten that the feud over who did what. But then it came to aggravate her life.

One day, while the moon was prepared to rice trade market suddenly visited with a man who is stalking her. When I called her to ask. But the man did not respond. She took me out to the lost and broken. But she did not give a damn for a man that is either hand it back to the wooden sledge ran very fast for a full moon. Until her off guard. The run was not bad. Young men are not hammer blows to her head made her collapse grill it 2-3 times now! It ran away.